Elementary Foundations

This module contains 10 activities that will teach your students the foundational skills to create a culture of consent, respect and equity. The experiential group activities are designed to challenge students’ current perceptions about relationships and emotions, and equip them with shared tools and language for healthier behaviours moving forward.


The module will teach students how to:

  • Create a group contract that respects all members of the class and celebrates each of their unique and different abilities.

  • Explore the difference between love, attachment, attraction and abuse, and what “love” looks like in their interactions at school.

  • Practice their understanding of personal boundaries and how to communicate these boundaries to others.

  • Learn healthy communication skills that will help them to listen deeply, and be able to ask for and express consent.

Time Commitment

Approximately 4 hrs per month | The goal is to present 2 of the 10 lessons per month with your class (see schedule). Each lesson will take approximately 5hrs to prep for an approximately 1 hr to deliver. Monthly coaching and debrief call is 1 hr starting at 3:45. You may wish to spend additional time interacting with the online community and chat forums.


Experiential Activities

Resources that build local capacity & leadership + mentoring support for teachers & facilitators.


Content Timeline & Coaching Calls:


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